Sunday, April 18, 2010

Elder McGavin Update...

Kallid sugulased ja sõbrad,

This week I had a great testimony building experience about the priesthood, that I would like to share.  This last Saturday, we had Zone Conference in Tallinn.  We are in Pärnu so we need to take a bus up to Tallinn.  We got to the bus station and we were waiting for a taxi to come and pick us up to take us to the church.  All of the sudden a group of four American looking, Mormon looking young adults approached us.  They said, "Hey fellow Mormons!"  They had been in St. Petersburg Russia for the language teaching program and were just in Tallinn for the day.  We talked for a few minutes and we were about to go on with our day, when the young man in the group asked us if we could give one of the sisters a priesthood blessing.  The first thing I thought is, "We are at the biggest bus station in Talllinn, Where are we going to do it at?"  We told them of course we can, we are just going to need to find a  place to do it.  

My companion and one of the other missionaries jumped in the first taxi that came and me and one of the other missionaries stayed to help out.  We decided to walk about 10 minutes from the bus station to a quiet back alley street.  We went down into a driveway that lead into an apartment building, and decided to do the blessing there.  The young man had the melchezedek priesthood but insisted on us doing it.  I had never given a priesthood blessing before, but I thought to myself that there is always a first for everything.  I gave the girl a blessing that her chest pains would subsist, after my companion anointed her with the oil.  After we gave her the blessing, she was so happy and thankful to us.  I think I was even more happy though, and honored that I was able to used the Priesthood power of God to heal her.  After I left, I told the other missionary that I never thought I would give my first blessing to a girl from Orem, Utah, in Tallinn Estonia, someone that I had just met, in a back alley on the street.  We kind of chuckled over that.  

It was a testimony builder to me though that we always need to be ready to use the power of the priesthood to help someone.  I was ready, and more than happy to do it.  I know that her faith and trust in the priesthood will lead to a full recovery and her pains will eventually go away.  The weather is starting to get really nice here in Estonia....FINALLY!  I am starting to really enjoy it more and more.  Its the simple things in life that are the best right?  I am feeling more and more at home everyday.  The language is coming around full circle, and its just a great time to be a missionary!  I hope everyone is doing great.  Remember to always share the gospel.  Every member a missionary!  I love you all.  Thanks for everything.

Vanem McGavin