Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Elder Rowley entered the MTC on October 27, 2010.  
He will be serving in the Kennewick, Washington Mission.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Elder Goldhardt's Letter!

Below is a letter Elder Goldhardt sent to Momma Heaton.  He can't send email to anyone but family, but was able to send a scan of a handwritten letter.  If you want to read it bigger, just click on each page to enlarge it!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Elder Taufui and his toys... :)

okay here is a picture of me and my Fijian companion at a preparnes fair thingy, but ya i had the coolest experience the other day. so every week we have a "blitz" its were we go and we tract from 6-8 on Sunday night. and we go on little exchanges but ya anyways, i went with elder Li the first missionary FROM china to Come to America. anyways it sucked at first, all the houses we knocked no wasn't trying to listen so this one house we knocked this lady was so nice she said we could come in, i think she let us in because of my charm.. na jk but no funny thing is she is from Fiji, she's half Fijian half indian but anyways the nicest people so we taught them pretty much about our belief and touched up a lot about the resto, and the bom
. oh ya she had every religion belief in her house. she had buddahjesus, little saint statues, and so we asked what religion she was and she said that she was a child of god, or a daughter of god, but it was pretty tight cause the whole time we were talking i didnt feel uncomfortable with them or anything, man prolly the best lesson i've gotton out here on the mission, she for sure felt the spirit man! no joke so i read to her the last two paragraphs from the intro and i asked her if there was anything that stood out to her. man and then the husband came in and was like are you trying to convert me and i think i said ummmm, ya but all we are doing is sharing our message and just having you ask god if its true or not. and then i committed them to be baptized and she said she'll ask in jesus's name if the book is true man this lady was just looking at me like a little puppy wanting to hear more. hecka tight, then i was like can i get a picture with you guys cause i havent met any ones that is like you guys. daang so i hecka got a picture with them. they were so tight but im pretty sure she'll get her answer soon  YADIDIMEAN hahah sike. but it was hecka cool. 
    but ya miracles happening here in my area. like this lady straight out of tonga came here to cali to have her baby here. she's staying with the ward missionary leader. and last week she just had her baby blessed. but she took the lessons b4 but the main thing that was holding her back was her husband down in tonga. his name is pretty big in the CHURCH OF TONGA. like i guess his grandpa almost became the president of the church so he's pretty active in his church. but ya that was the thing holder her back was him cause she didnt want to loose him so yesterday at church the relief society spoke in church and she found out her answer!!! good thing the old ladies talk in tongan cause Asinate the one taking the lessons doesnt know much english. but i guess when they went back to the home from church the ward mission leader (who stays with her) said, how was church, and the lady said that today was a special day at church. and it was during sacrament meeting. and so thats when the ward mission leader invited her to be baptized on the 30th of this month so freak man she's ready to go. we're just praying for the hubby right now to accept her being baptized b4 she heads back to tonga man its hecka crazy out here.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Elder McGavin's Year Mark!

Elder McGavin has been a missionary for 1 year officially!