Saturday, April 23, 2011

Update from Elder Taufui...

This week the sun has been coming out a lot and its been a little hotter, I like it though. That just means that there are more people to talk to. But ya its been good. Me and my companion have been talking to a lot of people and trying to see if they let us come a teach them, so this last week we got into some door, got to know them and see where they were@ in life and just applied the gospel into their lifes.  So this week we taught a part-member family that I've been trying to get a hold of and teach cause theyre less active, but anyways we got to teach the little boy and its cool cause when we taught the the little cause we get the family involved and it helps them out cause it's them teaching themselves of what they already know to be true. 
We also taught this one guy name Jack and we taught what our purpose in life was and talked about where were going after we die, so anyways. We have a ward activity and we told him to come and it'll be good, so he said he was going to come and he said that he was excited.  So later on that night we go to the church and he's not there. So we try to call him and he doesn't answer. So it kind of sucked. so we stopped by the next day try to see if he wanted to come to church with on sunday. So anyways he wasn't home. 
So sunday morning we call him up and see if he wanted to check out church, so he didn't answer, we are in church and right before the sacrament was going to be blessed he showed up in the back and so we went back there and sat with him, it was a good sacrament meeting, so after we talk to him and asked him what he liked about church, he said he like the atmosphere and so we told him that was the spirit and before we talked to him about baptism, and he asked us "so when are you going to have a baptism or how does it work do you guys set it up?" it was cool so we told him were having one next month on the 21st and he said that was good! It was a miracle! but ya that was really cool how he just showed up to church out of nowhere! and before he told us that he wasnt going to join or anything like that. so it was one of the miracle!!!!!
The work is going good things are happening, and when we don't see that nothing is happening there are things that are going on in our life for the good we just arent seeing it.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

New photos from Elder Heaton

Vanem McGavin quick update.

We taught a bunch of new lessons this week and got 4 new investigators so we are excited to see if any of them really start to progress.  They were all actually very normal, good people and good potentials to be strong members some day.  On Saturday we taught a lady that has been to church a couple times.  She seems to really enjoy it.  We taught her with a member.  We had to call through like 10 members to find someone finally that was able to teach with us.  We asked her to be baptized but she didnt quite understand why she needs to be baptized again.  She is willing to meet again and talk some more.  We see her as a high, or somewhat high prospect for baptism.  Overall the week here was good.  We met a lot of our goals, but unfortuanately didnt have any one at church, which in my mind is the most important thing of all.  

Vanem McGavin 

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Elder Taufui Update!

Okay so right now I'm in Elk Grove! Hecka small ward, they are good members here. There are a lot part member families here. And ya we are just trying to find people here to teach! Last week we went on splits with the elders quorum and high priest and me and the member taught a lesson about the restoration and it was good. We taught the mom and the daughter. So hopefully we can be able to teach the whole family. We also been talking to everyone, since the area is so small it seems like I've already talked to everyone. It's good though if the people don't accept it now, then they'll eventually accept it. 

Ya its crazy i've hit my year mark, so now its time to buckle up and get some people baptized. It seems like my desire has seemed to grow a lot more, last we had zone conference and it was centered on the ATONEMENT!!!! Dang it was tight. There was one thing that our mission president showed us was a quote in the Preach my Gospel, and it was talking about as we get to know and learn more about the Atonement, then our desire to go out and do work will increase. it was cool, so it seems like I've been studying the scriptures more. And also the day before I went out with a missionary from Olympus, Elder Clark. It was cool he's my Zone Leader, And just seeing his desire to do work, I saw that and was like dang im hittin my year mark and I've got to make some changes and start working way harder.  But ya always we have to remember the importance of Jesus Christ, and how we need to do all we can do to keep his commandments so that we can be saved by grace after all we can do. Jesus lives and the church is true.

Elder Taufu'i