Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Elder Heaton Picture Update.

Elder Taufui, Trainer!

So last week just had a baptism for this samoan guy he's in his mid 20's. It was a good program. We had a couple people sing and his close family members give talks. So last year when I was here in the Tala'ofa ward we started teaching him and now im back we all finally got to see him get baptized. He has one the strongest testimonies. the day before he got baptized he said that this was probably the hardest weeks of his life. So earlier this month, we got him to commit to a date. and the day that we gave him was the 23rd and at the same time his wife was pregnant. and the baby was due on the 24th. So when he reminded us that his baby was suppose to be due the day after. All he said that oh it's alright we'll still do the baptism. 
So right after all that we started to pray, and we prayed and asked that the baptism wouldn't interfere with the new born or the new baby with the date that had given him. On thursday the 21st his wife had the baby and the day of the baptism the baby and his wife got out of the hospital 4 hours before the baptism. But he has a hecka good testimony and know he wants to be sealed to his family. It was gooooood.

This week is our transfers, so last night we got a call from our mission president and he called and said he was going to give me a greeny, haha hecka funny. It's going to be crazy the new missionary coming he might be Samoan but I'm not really sure who is coming in. Ha I'll let you know next week.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Elder Vaikeli in the MTC photos!

Here some of me photos!! That is just me in thee MTC ooo yah!!!