Monday, January 30, 2012

Elder Taufui Update...

What a week! It was hecka tight. So this week we actually only had one
person to church but it was a good time out here. Man nothing too much
happened. last week on Thursday our mission got a call from the
assistants and they told us that we were to have a mission conference
with the entire mission(190 missionaries).now this is not usually so
were all like WHAT-TAH-KWA. the only information that we got was that
we were suppose to be at one of the church buildings in Stockton. They
wanted us to be there at a certain time no later! They told us to come
with parts in our hair, with a conservative tie, and with your shoes
polished! and we were suppose to pray specifically for safety when we
started driving down. So we were all tripping cause that's all the
information we got. Our mission president PRESIDENT LEWIS. Just
recently had surgery and now it just got hecka bad. So right now he's
in Utah recovering over that and now it's the first counselor that's
taking over! So we were all thinking that was what this mission
conference was about, about getting a new mission president. we all
get there and we all get in the chapel and and we're sitting there
quietly and man, out of no where JEFFERY R. HOLLAND busts, through and
walks down in between the benches! It was crazy the spirit was there
before but when he came in the spirit just filled in even more. hecka
Everyone had a chance to shake his hand and with everyone he said he
looked into our eyes and had an interview with each of us as we shook
and when he looked into our eyes! But he had a good talk with us and he
told us that President Lewis is still recovering and as of right now
he's not released as the mission president. and he gave us some
counsel. one thing that Elder Holland stressed was that we (as
missionaries) are not to go less-active. He was telling us that when we
baptize someone and we find out that someone that we baptizes goes
less-active, it's like one of the worst things you could find out on
your mission or even after, but he was saying that it happens
sometimes and when missionaries go less-active IT IS NOT ACCEPTABLE!
So, at the beginning, he started talking regularly and when he came to
that part where we are not to go less-active he started to blow up on
us. It was great though. just what I need it cause I'm about to come,
but that's something that's been worrying me. but that's what I needed
some condemning from Holland. He also talked about the atonement and it
was some good stuff man.
So right after that we had to rush over to the stake center for
Stockton to prepare for the Gladis Knight & Saints Unified Voices
Choir fireside
It was a great fireside. I saw a couple people from the divine heritage
choir, Isaac, and two more people. So I talked with them for a little
bit. not to long, Sister Latu Hafoka was there with her family and her
husband. but Gladis Knight and her husband was there. They bore their
testimony. it was way good! Her husband started it off, and he was
just funny when he started talking to Gladis Knight, he said ya
everyone knew that Gladis had gone crazy cause she had joined the
mormon church! So he calls her and says Gladis I hear you're a mormon.
she said ya, you have a problem, it was funny. Then he said that they
started to date a little bit and they moved to Las Vegas and he
realized that Gladis had a lot of friends, a lot young friends on
bikes, who were hungry all the time. So he started taking the lessons
and everything got baptized. And he was bold to the non-members and
told it shouldn't matter if Joseph Smith was white! if a hispanic,
asian, or black kid said that he saw God and Jesus in the woods, and
told him that Christ Church was restored, that kid would have been
dead in a couple hours. Gladis's husband challenge everyone to read
the book of mormon, and take the lessons! and after he did that he
said what do you have to loose? and a little after the pause he says
in a soft voice, "besides your soul?" hecka funny everyone was
cracking up!
 so we've been blessed to hear a voice of an apostle of the lord! and
by their fruits which i testify that Jeffery R Holland is an apostle
of Christ. Hecka legit! and then the Gladis Knight fireside to end the
night. what a week.
Love Elder Taufui

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