Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Letter from Elder Taufui!

Happy New Year! Its a little late.

This week went by fast! Tons of stuff to do. We just got our Calls for transfers, so my and Elder Yagi are staying out here in Lodi! Half the missionaries in the zone are leaving and we are getting a couple greenies in here. There is an Elder Dibble he went to Evergreen he's going to come down here. I didn't know him when he first came in all I knew that I went to school with him.
Later on this month we have an opportunity to hear the choir Saints Unified Voices choir directed by Gladis Knight herself. The purpose of the fireside is to have members bring non-members, Part member families and less active to the fireside, and thats pretty much their ticket in to hear the choir and also to hear Gladis Knight and her husband share and bear their testimony. Its cool their getting members to do a little more missionary work! So thats good for us and the church, we're excited to see how it goes and to see and hear the testimonies and hopefully we'll see a lot of success!
Still doing great and trying to do a lot before I come back home and thats know for a while so ya love you all and we'll talk to ya later!

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